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Hi! I’m Favour, a freelance writer and email copywriter obsessed with creating informative, fact-backed B2B content that isn’t boring, regurgitated, and written exclusively for Google bots.

Content isn’t King—when done poorly!

It’s an open secret:

The B2B space is saturated with boring content. 

(Unnecessarily lengthy boring content!)

B2B brands know they need to push out long-form content to increase their odds of snatching the top spot on the SERPs.

So, more often than not, many brands trade quality for quantity.

The result? They end up publishing heaps of regurgitated content that’s 10x longer than anything in existence but 10x less valuable.

You understand what I mean, don’t you?

We come across these pieces every day. Ones that add no value and leave us with more questions than answers.


Since you’re here, I believe you know the importance of well-written content.

You genuinely care about your customers (and potential leads) and want to feed them only content that’d add value to their life and business.

The good news is. . .

You are in the right place.

I also care about good content and will help create premium-level pieces for your SaaS business.

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“Our engagement and CTRs are noticeably higher when Favour is involved”

“I write a lot of emails and webpage copy and never release anything until I’ve first sent it to Favour because he makes it 100x better! Our engagement and CTRs are noticeably higher when Favour is involved. He’s an artist.”

— Lee Chapman, Community Manager at FunnelDex LLC

Start Crushing Your Content Marketing Goals

Need an extra hand on your SaaS content marketing team? I can help out with the following services:


I create data-driven long-form listicles and how-to guides.


I craft value-packed newsletters, onboarding sequences, and marketing emails.


I write compelling, action-driving web copy.

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