Hi! I’m pleased to meet you.

My name is Favour, and I’m a freelance B2B writer and content strategist. I am an INTJ (introverted, intuitive, thinking, and judging), so you can learn pretty much about my lifestyle by looking up my personality type.

But personalities aside, let’s go back in time quickly.

I started writing when I was 17 years old. Before then, I was one of those high school kids who hated essays, letters, and other writing-related “tasks” associated with learning the English language. Everything just seemed like a big deal to me. I guess this was the case because I had horrible handwriting (that only the brave could read) or probably because my English language teachers weren’t jovial. Who knows?

At age 17, I started my first “official” blog—a tech blog where I shared mostly how-to guides and gadgets reviews. I pushed the blog for a while, created other ones later on, and just kept sharing valuable content with my small circle of readers.

That was how the slow but consistent transition began: from someone who wanted nothing to do with writing to someone who fell deeply in love with the craft.

Today, I write for a living. And spend the bulk of my time creating long-form, fluff-free content for amazing brands across different continents.

When I’m not furiously (but generously) hitting the keyboard of a computer, you will find me watching documentaries of life in the wild, laughing to funny videos on YouTube, or learning, over podcasts, the accents of native non-English speakers.

Other things about me

Okay. Work aside. Here are some cool things about me, only a few people know:

  • My last name is often misspelled. If it’s not spelled as “Abalogue,” it’s usually spelled as “Abalogun.” It’s almost always mispronounced too.
  • I love calm music. So when I have my headphones on, you can be sure I’m neither listening to hip-hop or rap songs.
  • I love dancing. But I’m not so into parties. So I do most of my dancing at church.
  • I write while listening to music. But I don’t change songs once I start writing. So it’s usually one song repeating for up to four hours.
  • I was born on July 22. Yes! Selena Gomez and I are birthday buddies.

Want more info about me?

I’d love to have a chat. Drop me a quick message here.

P.S. What do we have in common? You love calm music too? Or you were also born in July? Come! Let’s go discuss this over on Twitter, my friend.