Reddit attracts 50+ million visitors daily.

And in this guide, I’ll show you how to break through the noise on Reddit and land qualified leads for your business—without spending a cent.

Ready to learn Reddit marketing?

Let’s begin!

Getting Started on Reddit

New to Reddit? Here are the first steps to take:

1. Create an account 

Go to Reddit and click on the “Sign Up” button in the top right corner of the website.

Reddit Marketing 1

Now complete the signup process via email or other available options.

Reddit Marketing 2

On the next page, you will have to choose a username and then set your password:

Reddit Marketing 3

There’s no rule here. However, I’d advise that you pick a username relevant to your service instead of choosing something random. 

For example, you could use the username JohnCSS or JohnSEO instead of something generic like “FlowerTurkey.

2. Optimize your bio

Almost no one talks about Reddit profile optimization. But it’s one crucial step to take if you want to crush your Reddit marketing. 

Before exploring the platform’s marketing opportunities, set up a complete profile.

Reddit Marketing 4

An optimized profile makes it easy for potential customers to understand your business and take positive action (send an email, drop a private message, subscribe to your newsletter, etc.).

Now that you’re done with the basics, let’s dive into some good stuff.

5 Strategies For Marketing Your Business Effectively on Reddit

1. Join niche-specific subreddits

Joining relevant subreddits is the first and crucial step to marketing your business on Reddit. 

You can create a massive list by searching for specific keywords related to your industry.

Reddit Marketing 5

You can also find popular subreddits on Redditlist.

Once you’ve made a list, go ahead and join all of them. For better results, you may want to check the activity level of the groups before joining them. Here are some things I check:

  • The number of people in the subreddit
  • The number of “online” Redditors in the subreddit
  • The frequency at which new threads are created
  • The number of upvotes and comments most posts get

I always shoot for subreddits with 100k members, approximately 500 online members at any given time, and a minimum of 100 upvotes on most posts.

2. Advertise in appropriate threads

Some niche-specific subreddits have dedicated threads for promotions. Look out for these threads and advertise your products there.

Below is an example of an ads thread on r/Startups:

Reddit Marketing 6

When marketing this way, ensure you read the instructions on the promo-dedicated post before leaving your comment.

3. Start a conversation

Reddit comprises users (called “Redditors”) with different interests. 

One way to get these people’s attention is to start a relevant conversation.

Don’t know what to share? No worries!

Head over to Quora and find questions people in your industry are asking.

For example, if you run an SEO agency, you could search for “SEO” and find related questions.

Reddit Marketing 7

Then go over to Reddit and post the question in the appropriate subreddit.

Once the post goes live, and the comments begin to fly in, respond to as many as possible to get on the radar of potential leads.

Apart from asking questions, you can also create an AMA (ask me anything) post—where people can pick your brain and get answers to their questions.

Reddit Marketing 8

AMA posts position people as subject matter experts. So, you can utilize it to land loads of qualified leads.

4. Share valuable posts 

Redditors love new, valuable information. So one of the ways to grab their attention is to create a post that provides real value. 

For example, here’s one of my Reddit posts:

Reddit Marketing 9

As you can see, the piece performed amazingly well. In less than 48 hours, it attracted over 100 upvotes and a dozen comments. 

You can get a similar (or even better) result by creating an insightful piece.

Here’s how to nail this:

  • Find a topic in your industry
  • Come up with a catchy title (that isn’t clickbaity)
  • Write a short informative piece (of approximately 250-500 words)

Ensure you choose a topic that addresses a major issue your target audience faces.

For example. . .

If you run a pet food store, you could write on “ways to train your pets to seize pooping/peeing around the house, tearing up furniture, barking incessantly, etc.” 

If you run a web development agency, you could create a piece on “ways to prevent hackers from gaining permanent access to your website (or stealing private files from your database).” 

If you are a relationship coach, you could write on “ways to discuss a bad habit with your partner without fueling a quarrel.” 

Starting these conversations is one smart way to get noticed on a subreddit.

5. Contribute to the post of others

Sometimes the fire might not start in your thread. So you might have to join the party in the threads of others.

Here’s how to do this: 

Head over to the subreddit of your choice. Use the filter option to display posts based on popularity. 

Next, leave a detailed comment once you find a post that interests you. 

You may leave a link to your website in a non-promotional way (in your comment). But it isn’t necessary. Most times, people will naturally visit your profile and connect with you after reading your valuable contribution.

Over to You 

You can land dozens of qualified leads via Reddit marketing.

However, Reddit works like every other social media platform. You’ll only see positive results when you stay consistent.

I’ve shown you some foolproof strategies for marketing your business on Reddit. Now it’s time for you to take action.

Ready to expand your brand’s reach? Go over to Reddit now and implement all you’ve learned.