Get Premium-Level Content for Your SAAS Business

Need help with content creation?

I can assist you with the following services:

1. Blog Posts

Blogging isn’t just a marketing tactic for generating inbound leads.

Your blog is a powerful tool you can harness to answer your customers’ questions and solve their problems.

People want to learn how to get specific results.

People need guidance to execute certain tasks.

However. . .

No one wants to read an insanely lengthy piece with no actionable takeaways. 

Chances are you desire to publish only helpful content on your blog. That’s why you’re here. 

Let me help you out.

I specialize in creating long-form B2B content that people love to read. 

I write for a human audience (but also optimize my pieces for search engines in the smartest ways possible).

Since I understand the SaaS space, I craft my content in ways that spotlight a brand’s products—so the pieces generate inbound leads while also providing value.

Need a writer to help create informative long-form blog posts your customers will love?

“Our engagement and CTRs are noticeably higher when Favour is involved”

“I write a lot of emails and webpage copy and never release anything until I’ve first sent it to Favour because he makes it 100x better! Our engagement and CTRs are noticeably higher when Favour is involved. He’s an artist.”

— Lee Chapman, Community Manager at FunnelDex LLC

2. Email Copywriting

I’m a copywriter and email marketing specialist certified by HubSpot and DigitalMarketer LLC. And I create super informative and engaging broadcast emails and email sequences for SaaS companies.

As an email marketing specialist, I don’t just craft emails, push them out, and forget about them.


I’m always after results. So I study data closely, make timely tweaks, and run A/B tests when needed.

Email marketing projects I can handle include (but are not limited to):

    • Newsletters
    • Soap Opera Sequences
    • The Seinfeld Sequence
    • Onboarding Sequences
    • Broadcast Emails
    • Product Launch Sequences
    • Win-Back Campaigns

Need an email copywriter on your team? 

3. Website Copywriting

Want to refresh your website copy or roll out a few new pages? 

No worries. I can assist you.

As a certified copywriter, I can knit your brand message and deliver it in an engaging and compelling way.

I can help create copy for your homepage, about page, comparison pages, features page, etc.

Need help with web copy?